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What is Credit History?

Welcome to the Knowledge Base


This is your guide to understanding how credit works where you can find out more about about what a credit bureau does, what credit history is, and many other topics in the world of credit.

Credit history refers to the actual information that a credit bureau or credit bureaus have relating to a subject(company/individual) with respect to credit


In other words it is like your CV but showing information that can help in assessing your credit risk. A credit history can be based on negative data,positive data and a combination of both.


A negative credit history includes information pertaining to unfulfilled financial obligations such as amounts in arrears. A positive credit history on the other hand includes favorable information.

The Benefits of Credit report sharing

The benefits of credit information sharing are many to lenders, borrowers and the economy as whole, they include:


  1. It helps financial instutions to make informed credit granting decisions such that default rates can be dropped
  2. It helps individuals/borrowers without collateral to secure credit
  3. It leads to better payment behaviour on the part of borrowers for fear of being denied credit.
  4. It helps borrowers with positive information to get favourable loan conditions

A List of Credit Providers In Malawi

We will be updating this page to add the known and legally recognized institutions that provide loans and other credit facilities.