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Credit Data CRB® is a Malawian company with a strong understanding of the local market.


The information we provide is reliable because of our understanding and experience operating in the local market.

Where we're coming from


Credit Data Reference and Debt Management Limited was incorporated on the 17th of March 2005 under the Companies Act, 1984.  The Company later evolved to become Credit Data CRB Limited under a special resolution and with the authority of the Minister on 19   November 2010.The evolution was necessary to reflect the renewed focus and strategic drive to become a fully-fledged Credit reference and move away from Debt management which was the main function.  The business was established with the mission of sealing the credit information gap that exists in the country between credit providers and their existing and potential clients.


To fulfil this mission Credit Data CRB was licensed by The Reserve Bank of Malawi in November 2011 having successfully satisfied the application requirements.

Our Data Providers

Our business entails collection of data which assist us to give out credit stories. This data is collected from lending institutions licensed by the Reserve Bank of Malawi, but we also collect credit data from any institution that transact on credit as they carry their businesses.


Since our licensing we have been collecting data from bank, microfinance, insurance, cooperatives, utility institutions, government agencies, and traders.

We have 119 institutions in our portfolio that currently provide us with data.

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Our vision


"Sealing the credit information gap."



Our mission


Our mission is to provide credit risk mitigating solutions through sharing of accurate and valid credit information in an ethical, secure and professional manner thereby assisting in enhancing a good credit culture of the nation.



Our values


Credit Data CRB is guided by the following core values namely;



We strive to leave an impact on decision making when we provide our product and services



Emphasis on honesty in our service delivery and interactions.



Observation of the highest  standards in discharging our duties with zero tolerance to compromised output



Endeavouring to provide our services in a manner that assures our stakeholders of our credibility



To deliver quality in our product and service to satisfy or exceed customer expectations



We handle credit information data in a very secure setup  and exchange the same  through highly confidential processes bearing in mind the interests of our clients and all stakeholders

Our Board Members

Mrs. Dalitso Gadama



Mr. Simeon Banda

Non Executive


Mr. Dalitso Jumbe

Non Executive


Mr. Madalitso M'meta

Non Executive


Mrs. Sarafina Lukongolo Jimu

Non Executive


Mr. Francis Fredrick

Non Executive


Patricia Mwase

Managing Director