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What is a Credit Reference Bureau?

A credit reference bureau is an entity that collects, processes, and stores details of credit history on individuals and institutions.



Where do Credit Bureaus get information?

Lenders, including banks, Micro finances and other financial service providers, share credit information about their customers with Credit Data CRB Mw Ltd. We also source information from other pertinent places like the courts, utility providers, and city councils..



How do you identify a person as Malawi does not have a National Identity System?

Malawi currently uses The National Identity card, The Passport, Driving License and Electoral Card as legal identification instruments, there are, however, other identifiable instruments that supplement the above. Kindly however from September 2019 it is only the National Identification that will be used as a primary identification tool.


That is what Credit Data CRB Ltd will use to identify a person.



Who uses this information?

Financial Institutions, Utility providers and other service providers who offer credit use credit reference reports to help them decide whether to approve your application or not.

No individual is allowed to access information from us.



Does Credit Data CRB Ltd Advise Lenders?

We do not give lenders an opinion about whether you should get credit or not we simply provide information about contact details and details of your credit commitments and credit history.



Does Credit Data CRB Ltd rate score the data?

We are not rating any information received, we are telling as it is. However we may provide a negative summary report or a positive summary report.



How assured am I that my information will not land in the wrong hands?

Credit Data CRB Ltd provides information to subscribers who have been thoroughly vetted and their business is relevant to credit operations. Policies are in place that guide protection of information held by us. Also, all members of our staff sign a confidentiality clause which prohibits them divulging any information from the bureau without authorisation.



How long is information kept by Credit Data CRB Ltd?

According to the Credit Bureau Act 2010, information is supposed to be kept for a period of six years.



Do I have the right to check what information is kept about me?

You have the right to request your Credit Report.





Do I have the right to check who has accessed my information?

It is your right to know who has requested a report about you. Your free annual report will give you all the details.



Can I dispute wrong information noted on my report?

You have a right to dispute any information that is incorrect on your report.





Will my information be used for marketing purposes?

No, your information will not be used for marketing purposes.



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